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Signature Writer (R) Surface clay stamp
Signature Writer (R) Surface on pewter handle.

Signature Writer (R) Surface Stamps are made in the USA in our factory in Whitewater, Wisconsin. We specialize in custom custom stamps and rollers for marking soft clay. The Signature Writer (R) Surface gives the most crisp, deep, and details marks in clay, far superior to other materials. We replace them for free if they don't meet you expectations. You can order a sample to try before you purchase a larger logo stamp for mugs, etc. Here are quick links to our website: www.4clay.com

Custom Clay Stamps with wood handle

Custom Clay Stamps with pewter handle

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Pewter or Wood handles with Signature Writer (R) Surface, our best stamps for detail in marking clay. This material is best used with ceramic, polymer, or precious metal clays. Use a release agent like vegitable oil or similar on the stamp surface for best results in stamping wet clays. For PMC use the same release agent you use on your other tools. For polymer clays you probably will not need any release agent. The Signature Writer (R) Surface may be cleaned with a tooth brush and soap & water, but should not be heated in the dish washer or with a heat gun. The surface is good to about 250 F but after that can be damaged by heat. This surface is super durable for 1000s of clear crisp marks in clay but be careful not to drop on a concrete floor, that can damage the detail areas of the stamp. The pewter handles are cast in lead free pewter, the whole stamp including handle and surface are made in USA. The Signature Writer (R) Surface is a trademark of Socwell LLC (exclusively sold at www.4clay.com), and is a hard black synthetic resin (not metal) that is laser cut with your design. The Signature Writer (R) Surface we find holds more detail than brass, wood, or acrylic stamps for marking into soft clay. Note that the Signature Writer (R) Surface is water proof, which works great for marking clay in a production environment, but also means it will not work with potter's pads for liquid underglaze transfer. Most production potter's choose this surface for production of mugs with logos, etc.

The Signature Writer (R) Surface is the best we make, and in my opinion perhaps the best available. Just don't drop on a concrete floor or try to dry with a heat gun...those are the 2 ways to damage the surface. Otherwise they last for years.